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Hair, Make- up and Fashion sense all contribute to the effectiveness of a woman's appearance. Make – up alone will not present you at your best, if your hair colour and style is all wrong for you. If your clothes are superb but your make-up inappropriate, similarly, the most attractive effect is not gained. Usually, the more attractive we look, the better we feel.


Brunnettes: Can afford to wear more vivid make - up than blondes or redheads. Many brunettes are of "Winter" colouring, and at their best in strong vibrant or icy colours with a blue under tone. Winters can also be ash blondes, blue-black or brown. Whatever the complexion tone, a Winter requires a rose based foundation. Beiges will make her look sallow. Lipstick colours that really suit Winters are pinks, plums. burgundies, blue-reds and clear reds. People who have a grey rim around the edge of the iris of the eye belong to the "cool" tones, either Winter or Summer. Winters usually have the deeper colour, red- brown or dark -brown, hazel, grey-blue or grey-green, or deep blue.


Blondes often prefer a more subtle and natural look which does not overpower their delicate colouring. Blondes are often of "Summer" colouring and look best in cool soft colours with blue under tones. The eyes of a Summer are usually blue, green, aqua or a hazel. Summer ladies usually need a pink based foundation.  Summer needs a soft lipstick - blue-based pink. Some Summers are brunettes, with a greyish cast ( described as "mousy ") most flattered by the soft Summer colours. Highlighting often adds life to a blonde. Ash is an excellent colour for  blondes.

Reds usually are "Autumn " ladies, at their best in gold or orange based colours. They, especially, can wear the range of  browns  and  yellow, greens, and all the Autumn leaf colours.  Most Autumns have brown or green eyes. For make - up, the Autumn lady is best in ivory, peach or copper tones, or natural beiges. Ideal lipstick colours are brick red, orange, coral, peach, rust, mocha. and brownish shades. All Autumn ladies can take red highlights, even brunettes. 


Dark Coloured women are usually Winters , though some are Autumns. They come to life with the cool tones or vibrant Winter colours. Strong make-up shades are most effective to bring out their beautiful features.

                                                  Figue Essence make-up tips 

   New to applying makeup? Need advice or tips?

   Here is a guide to applying figue essence mineral make - up.


                                                 BROWN, GREY, OR RED HAIR

                                    Foundation Loose mineral; Apply Summer Shade or Teporah over the entire face

                                    EYES; Apply summer mist as a base over the entire eye lid

                                    Apply pretty pink above socket area, entire area

                                    Apply a blend of white diamonds and baby pink on the eye lids

                                    Highlight lashline and socket creases with pigeon grey


                                                              Brown eyes

                                     For an evening look go daring with stronger colours : bright orange , copper shades  

                                       Loose mineral blusher; Apply Autumn leaves blusher

                                       Apply lipstick no. 88 

                                       Apply lip gloss summer rose 

                                                               BLONDE HAIR


                                  Loose mineral foundation; Apply clear skin foundation

                                  EYES: Apply summer mist as a a base over the entire eye area.

                                              Apply iced mint tea on eye lids

                                              Apply sandy beach inner corner of the eye and up inner bridge of nose.

                                  highlight: Lash line and socket creases with heavenly blue or midnight blue                                                          


                                                                   BLUE EYES


                                              Apply Autumn sweet cream blusher

                                                                Use lipstick 84

                                                               Lip gloss Pinkadilly

                                              BLACK, BLUE BLACK, DARK HAIR


                                  Loose mineral foundation: Apply Sandra over entire face

                                  EYES: Apply summer mist over entire eye lid

                                              Blend Golden crumpets and white diamonds and apply above eye lid entire                                                                                              area. 

                                              Apply Sage on the eye lid , finish with wild berry cross lashline and socket                                                                                                  creases.

                                              Apply white liner along lower lash line.


                                                       Green, dark brown, black eyes  

                                     EYES:  Choose Shades:  fairy tale, tropical green,  blend (antique red & after five)


Vegan Crushed Mineral Eye Shadows
Vegan Crushed Mineral Eye Shadow Shimmers

      colours:               sahara, white diamonds, fairytale, moon dust                                          shiffon, fashionably late, diva, candice

A simple make-over to try, using our fabulous easy to apply eye colours. 

Start with the loose mineral foundation. 

Make-up Application;

MINERAL FOUNDATION: Teporah loose mineral


Apply: summer mist over the entire eye area.

Apply : Blend sandy beach and summer fruit, and apply over the eye lid.

Apply: mermaid to the outer corner of the eye lid and crease.

Apply cafe along the crease of the eye. ( this will make the eye colour pop out.

Apply white diamonds on the eye lid from bridge of nose to centre eye lid.

finish with black eye liner, black mascara


Apply Autumn sweet  to cheeks, and brush white diamonds above cheek colour


Apply Autumn Walk  

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